Volunteer Overview

Indy Yoga Movement has many opportunities for volunteers to get involved. We've featured a few of the most popular ways to volunteer below. 

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Demonstrate Yoga

We have several large physical education yoga classes. The students greatly benefit from seeing our volunteer demonstrator as most students are new to yoga. Demonstrating is a great way to experience what it's like to lead teach and many of our volunteers go on to become lead teachers for Indy Yoga Movement. If you are interested in demonstrating, please fill out the volunteer application and indicate your interest in demonstration.


We have other volunteer opportunities in the following areas. 

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing

  • Social Media Help

  • Research

  • Administration



We host many events such as Monumental Yoga, Indy Yoga Movement Gala, Pub Nights, Festival Booths, Donation-based yoga classes, etc. Our volunteers help set up/clean up, coordinate other volunteers, find supplies, publicize events on social media, teach or demonstrate for community donation based classes, and much more. 


Sponsorships and Grants

Grants and sponsorships fund almost everything we do. Our sponsorship and grant volunteers are an integral part of our Indy Yoga Movement team.