Michael Goldenberg | Treasurer

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The practice of yoga and mindfulness was a revelation for me.  I started practicing only four years ago, however quickly went from once in a while to five days a week as I was surprised by the impact on my life.  My athletic background is running and biking which have tremendous benefits both physically and mentally. What I realized through my yoga practice was that I was missing an element of inner well-being.  It is tough to explain so I will simply say that my focus, clarity of thought and total body fitness have been exponentially enhanced.  

And that brings me to Indy Yoga Movement.  The opportunity to reach our youth through the practice of yoga and mindfulness has the ability to be life changing.  What our instructors are able to achieve is truly amazing. The students who take part in one of our programs are beginning to understand and feel the benefits of this practice. 

Indianapolis has been home for over 38 years and our family has benefited from the wonderful evolution of the city.  I began working at Public Service Indiana and have grown with the company as we have merged into Duke Energy and currently lead our Indiana Regulatory Strategy organization.  My volunteering over the years has included cross country coach, Mozel Sanders cook, Habitat builder, Labrador Retriever rescuer and many jobs at NCAA events.  

Being able to impact our youth and see how our classes can change lives is what makes NAME? such a special organization.  I am fortunate to have a role in supporting and expanding its mission and vision.

Chase BrockBOD, EX